How To Conserve And Save Gas

If you want to save on gas, there is still a chance to conserve as much gas as possible. Driving at high speed can lead to poor gas efficiency and to use gas faster than usual.
For speeds above 55 mph, your engine utilizes significantly more gas than it does at or below this limit. Here are some tips which can help you to conserve and save gas.

Tip 1: Cruise at posted speed limits

Fuel efficiency generally drops after you pass 55 mph. At 75 mph or higher, you can lose up to 25%, and driving at 65 mph or higher can cost you up to 10% in efficiency loss!
Driving slowly or idling can also lead to poor gas efficiency, as more gas goes towards keeping the cylinders moving than towards powering your car.
You will save gas if you drive between speeds of 30 to 55 mph, so don’t speed thinking you will increase your mileage!

Tip 2: Drive at a Consistent Speed

Speeding up and braking constantly is the main reason significant losses in the vehicle’s efficiency. It is recommended to keep the speed constant if you want your car run properly.

Tip 3: Don’t Use the Cruise Control In Hilly Conditions

The cruise control is a perfect option to keep the speed constant, but not in hilly conditions. The engine struggles to keep the speed constant when climbing hills, which can affect the gas mileage. That’s why it is recommended to use the cruise control in flat conditions and drive manually in hilly conditions.
All these tips mentioned above can help you to save money on gas and to keep your vehicle’s efficiency in good condition.