4 Ways To Make Your Tires Last Longer

If you want to save money on tires , if you wish them to last long, then regular maintenance is essential to keep the tires. If you maintain tires regularly, they can serve you up to 6 years. Here are top tips for you on how to make your car’s tires last longer.

1. Keep Your Tires Inflated

One of the most important things in tire maintenance is to keep them at the proper pressure (the recommended PSI value varies depending on what type of tire you have, so check your owner’s manual or check online to find your tire’s exact value). Tires can lose about 1 PSI a month, and lose about 1 PSI per 5-degree change in temperature (PSI increases as temperature increases). That’s why it is important to stay on top of pressure measurements and adjust accordingly. It is recommended to check the tire pressure every month.

2. Store Your Tires Away Safely

If you use winter tires, then there are 3 guidelines you should follow to increase the life of your tires.

  • Place your tires where there is no UV light, for example, such as sunlight. Garage or basement is the best place to keep them.

  • Keep your tires away from ozone. O3, or ozone, can damage your tires because it reacts with the rubber. Your tires typically contain substances that protect against ozone, but an excess of it can cause damage - ozonation is the major cause of dry tire rot.

  • Keep your tires at a stable temperature. Constant fluctuations in the temperature can damage the sidewall and other important parts of the rubber.

3. Check For Wear Bars

Always make sure that the tires hold a healthy amount of tread at all times. It can be very dangerous to drive on worn tires. Within your tread marks (i.e., the grooves in the rubber), the rubber should be fully depressed throughout. If you noticed worn bars, then it is time to replace the rubber. For winter tires it is different as the treads are much thicker and it is hard to see wear bars. If you can stick a quarter into the grooves and the portrait is completely covered, then your tires are in good shape.

4. Rotate Your Tires Regularly, And Make Sure They Are Properly Aligned

Improper alignment can cause serious issues with your tires. Disproportionate wear on the outside of the tire can lead serious damage to your tires. Only professional mechanics can realign cars. It is recommended to rotate tires every second oil change to prevent from tire wear.

If you follow all these tips, your tires can last up to 6 years, and you can save a lot of money on them.